Method of chanting Rudra Mantra

There can be two ways of chanting each mantra. The first is fruitfulness and the second is unselfish. If you want to chant Nishkaam i.e. without any special purpose only for the purpose of pleasing the GOD, then there is no need to follow any special rule. However, if you want to chant the mantra for the fulfillment of any purpose in a fruitful way, then before chanting the Rudra mantra, you need to know some things, by following which you can get the full fruit of the chanting of Rudra Mantra. The complete method of chanting the mantra is as follows:

  • This mantra should be chanted especially on Monday of Shukla Paksha and if Pradosh fast is observed on that day then it is considered very good.
  • If you want, you can also keep fast on that day.
  • This mantra jaap can be started from Monday or any particular day in the month of Sawan .
  • On this day, after wearing clean clothes, after retiring from bathing, sit facing east and meditate on Lord Shiva in the mind.
  • First of all offer Gangajal on Shivling.
  • After that, bel leaves, datura, sandalwood, incense, fruits, flowers, etc. should be offered with reverence and a vow should be taken to chant the mantra of Lord Shiva .
  • The resolution is to take how much you will chant the Rudra Mantra and what is your purpose behind it.
  • After that you should pray to God that Lord Rudra will give you success in reciting Rudra Mantra.
  • Chant a certain number of times a day and the number of chanting that is on the first day, in no case should you chant less than that day on any other day. Keep this number fixed, it will be better.
  • Rudraksha beads are considered best for chanting mantras .
  • Always chant in one form i.e. either silently, or simply without moving the lips, or in a loud voice. Chanting the best mantra is done silently.
  • Don’t be in a hurry while chanting the mantra. Do not move your neck vigorously or chant mantras while singing.
  • Sleeping, sneezing and small doubts are considered prohibited.
  • While chanting the mantra, keep in mind that the pronunciation of the mantra is clear.
  • Whenever you have chanted the mantra, get up only after bowing down to your seat.
  • Mainly chant in the number of 1.25 lakhs.
  • After the completion of your chanting, perform Dashansh Havan, perform Tarpan, Marjan and then offer Brahmin food.
  • If you want to chant Rudra Mantra without any purpose, then you must chant at least 108 numbers daily.
  • Before chanting Rudra Mantra, one must worship Lord Ganesha .
  • Do not offer coconut water, ketaki flowers, kumkum, turmeric, etc. on Shivling.
  • After chanting daily, do the aarti of Lord Shiva.

Benefits of chanting Rudra Mantra

  • Rudra Mantra is mainly chanted to get rid of all kinds of sufferings.
  • Apart from this, chanting of Rudra Mantra proves to be most beneficial even if the person has any kind of fear or he is suffering from any kind of disease.
  • The chanting of Rudra Mantra is considered to be of paramount importance for the treatment of difficult diseases and its chanting gives good health benefits to a person by getting rid of diseases.
  • Apart from this, when there is a shortage of life energy or when you feel very weak, you can chant the mantra of Lord Rudra , which will give you strength and not only make you mentally but also physically strong.
  • Chanting of Rudra Mantra is also beneficial for the prevention of defects caused by various planets and also for the purpose of attaining happiness and peace in life. By chanting this, positive energy expands in your life and negativity ends and also one gets freedom from planetary defects.
  • The chanting of Rudra Mantra removes negativity like mental stress, depression and mania and purifies the body and mind and soul.
  • Chanting of Rudra Mantra is also considered very beneficial as an astrological remedy .
  • If you sanctified expressions Shiva Gayatri mantra to chant or so Rudra are chanting a certain number of the Gayatri Mantra you Kalsarpa blame also gives liberation, Rahu, Ketu, generated Duःprinamon by Sun and planets as well as Lord Shiva Blessings of Mother Gayatri are also received.
  • You must also chant the Rudra Mantra for happiness, prosperity, mental peace, wealth, glory, fame, prosperity and family happiness in life.

We hope that you will like our article on Rudra Mantra and through this article you will understand the importance of Rudra Mantra in your life and adopt it and make life prosperous through it.